Laughter Yoga Comes To Doolittle Home

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Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day for Doolittle Home. Just the opposite. On April 13th, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Linda Hamaker, brought laughter exercises, giant smiles, and high energy levels to the residents of Doolittle Home.

Laughter yoga encourages playfulness, deep belly laughs, social connection, and a balance of mind, body, and spirit. A fake laugh even has all the same health benefits as a real one, but turns into a real laugh when practiced in a group! It is called laughter yoga because it combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing. This brings more oxygen to the body and the brain which makes one feel more energetic and healthy. There are no fancy movements or joke-telling and any level of physical ability can do this as it can be done sitting or standing.

What happens in a Laughter Session?

A typical Laughter Yoga session is led by a laughter leader or teacher who controls the group, gives instructions for different laughter, breathing and stretching exercises. There are four steps of Laughter Yoga – clapping, breathing, childlike playfulness and laughter exercises.

It starts with warm up exercises like clapping, chanting ho ho ha ha followed by different laughter exercises where people are encouraged to laugh louder and heartily from the belly. These exercises are interspersed with deep breathing. We encourage participants to cultivate child like playfulness and eye contact which leads to real and spontaneous.

Five Benefits of Laughter Yoga

1. Personal Life: Laughter Yoga will help to add more laughter to your life, develop a sense of humor and a smile. You will feel more self confident, have a positive outlook, hope and optimism. It changes your mood within minutes and if your mood is good, everything seems good and you are at your best everywhere.

2. Business life: Your output and performance depends on your energy level. For optimal functioning of the brain, you need 25% more oxygen than any other body organs. Laughter Yoga increases the supply of oxygen, not only to the brain but to the entire body to help you work more than normal and efficiently.

3. Health Benefits: Laughter Yoga is a powerful cardio workout; in fact 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on a rowing machine. It decreases the negative effects of stress on your body which is the root cause of all illnesses. Laughing Yoga is a single exercise that deals with physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously. It also strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar and keeps your heart healthy. It is a powerful antidote against depression – the number one sickness today.

4. Social Life: The quality of life and life satisfaction does not depend on how much money, power, position and success you have; rather it depends on the number of good friends with whom one has a caring and sharing relationship. This appreciation and acknowledgment helps in emotional development. Laughter Yoga is a positive energy which quickly connects you with people and helps to make friends easily.

5. Inner Spirit of Laughter: Laughter Yoga will teach you how to keep your spirits high when you face challenges in life. It promotes a positive mental attitude to help you cope with negative situations and deal with difficult persons in a much better way than a normal person.

We are so excited to bring Laughter Yoga to Doolittle Home and look forward to many more years of laughing.

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If you would like a tour of Doolittle Home, please call 508.543.2694 and ask for DeAnna Willis. Click Here To Watch Video

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